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Bailey Kathrine Interiors is a holistic interior design business that focuses on sustainability and conscious design making with our direct environments.

Meet Bailey Katherine

I’ve always found comfort in home. As my life progressed from a young girl with a loving family, to experiencing massive loss and grief, to finding my own path in the world - home has always been something I have taken sanctuary in. My natural gifts of being intuitive, creative, imaginative, organized, and driven have nurtured a beautiful career in interior design. Outside of BKI, I cherish time with my friends and family, enjoy the beautiful Colorado mountains either hiking, camping, or snowboarding, and love to go dancing.

Bailey Katherine Interiors' work for a home redesign project. This Adams St. Residence represents a vibrant local Denver community of artisans and woodworkers.

The Vision.

As my vision for BKI progressed, I tapped into researching and understanding our bigger environmental impact as consumers. I became hyper aware of what’s really happening in the companies we’re supporting - from how their workers are treated, what their business ethics are like, where they’re sourcing their materials from, and the kind of toxins involved. I want to change the way we fill our homes. I love partnering with talented local woodworkers, makers, artisans, and mindful manufactures to thoughtfully purchase for my clients.

Bailey Katherine Interiors' work for a Holistic Home in Dacono, Colorado. This home was thoughtfully designed to complement and nurture the client’s rituals and spirituality.

Our Essence.


Biophilia originates from the greek “philia” meaning ‘love of’. It literally translates to love of life, and all things living. Humans are innately and intuitively drawn to nature - it’s scientifically proven to boost our happiness and improve our physical health. BKI holds a strong value in designing in a way that fosters and nurtures our human connection to the Earth.


A strong pillar of BKI is our thoughtfulness and connection with our clients and community. Our projects are nothing without the vibrant personalities that live within the homes we design and it is wildly important that their character, interests, and passions shine through in the end results. BKI strives to hold container for our clients to develop and embrace their personal style. 


Sustainability categories BKI assesses are fair trade, raw material sourcing, renewability, durability, exposure to toxins, shipping carbon footprint, positive company initiatives, and more.


Community is a big part of the BKI culture. We love collaborating with the vibrant local Denver and Boulder artisan community and supporting their individual missions through the development of our projects.

"I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with the results… Bailey truly made our house into a beautiful home that expresses who we are as a family. I highly recommend Bailey Katherine Interiors!"

Chris S.